The Unitary Patent

The costs of the unitary patent up to grant will be the same as for any other European patent. However, the validation costs might be considerably reduced after grant since only one translation will be required during a transitional period.Concerning the renewal fees, the latest renewal fee scale proposal is based on the sum of the renewal fees paid nowadays for the four most frequently validated countries.

This means that the renewal fees will be less than 5.000 EUR during the first 10 years of the patent. The cumulative total to be paid over the full 20-year term will be just over 35.555 EUR.

The proposal includes a reduction of 15% if a patent proprietor is willing to license his patent and register a license of right before the EPO. This means that the renewal costs for a patent could be reduced over the maximum 20-year lifetime of a patent by around 5.000 EUR.

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