ZBM is proud to announce that Guillaume Durville joined the Madrid team this September.

Guillaume holds an MSc in Applied Physics and is an Electrical Engineer. Before joining ZBM he was the Vice President and Associate General Counsel at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, leading the global patent development team. Before that, he worked as an examiner at the European Patent Office for four years in the field of electro-mechanics, acquiring a deep understanding of patent search and examination. He started his training as a European patent attorney in the patent department of Procter and Gamble in Brussels in 1997, and previously he had been an R&D engineer in a startup located in Dublin.

This broad range of activities has allowed him to acquire a significant experience in drafting and prosecuting patents as well as in management of patent departments, and strategic management of patent portfolios, including complex M&A operations.

ZBM warmly welcomes Guillaume to the team.