On 27th February ZBM’s Anna Barlocci was invited by the Fundació TecnoCampus Mataró- Maresme, part of the University Pompeu Fabra (UPF) in Barcelona, to share her expertise in a specialist session entitled ‘Patent Management and Industrial Property’. Anna heads up ZBM’s mechanics and engineering team and her extensive knowledge makes her a highly sought after expert in her field by a wide range of prestigious national and international clients. She is also a well respected lecturer on IP matters at the University of Barcelona for the Spanish EQE candidates, and a tutor at the European Patent Institute (epi). Anna’s session not only provided an invaluable insight into the IP world but opened up a dynamic discussion for the 40 students who attended.

At ZBM we are firm believers in extensive knowledge dissemination and as a company we are committed to both imparting and facilitating on-going training for our team. Our experts regularly hold training sessions and lecture on a wide variety of courses in order to raise awareness of IP knowledge so as to generate wider opportunities in innovation and entrepreneurship. It was an honour for Anna to be invited to Fundació TecnoCampus and to be a part of their specialization sessions that aim to create a link between business and university at the highest professional level.