Com en anys anteriors, a l’edició de 2019 del “Patent 1000 – The World ‘s Leading Patent Professionals”, l’IAM ha llistat a ZBM com “highly recommended” en la categoria de patents per a Espanya.

Segons destaca l’IAM: ““Clients are absolutely emphatic in their praise of ZBM’s patent filing and prosecution services, which operates in virtually all technical areas and covers a broad range of services, from contentious support through to oppositions and straight-up filing. Competitors admire the modern, open atmosphere at the firm – partners at ZBM know how to treat people and ensure there’s a pathway for technical people to follow”. Furthermore, in the words of a client highlighted by IAM: “I have been involved in many oppositions with other IP firms through various clients, and if it was up to me, I would only use ZBM. Why? For one thing, they simply keep winning. You can’t argue with results. Also, they are incredible easy to work with. Not to mention, they are open-minded and allow for excellent exchange of ideas.

ZBM també apareix en el rànquing que recull les principals firmes que treballen davant de l’Oficina Europea de Patents (EPO), i es manté com a única agència espanyola entre les 27 empreses seleccionades a nivell europeu.

Finalment, l’IAM també reconeix Anna Barlocci, Bernabé Zea, Carles Comes, Mathieu de Rooij i Montserrat Jané com “recommended individuals” amb excel·lents opinions. De l’Anna es diu que “she is probably one of the best patent attorneys in Spain. She has a very good reputation for her teaching capabilities and is easily able to explain the intricacies of the most complex patenting issues in simple language“. Del Bernabé que “is well-known for his role as a court expert often used by generics companies, alongside for his astonishing technology transfer capabilities”. Del Carles que és capaç de gestionar “with the highest standards and never fail to tie up the loose ends when drafting”. Del Mathieu que és “very competent and skilled, great to work with, challenging and always engaging, an intuitive thinker with a rational, practical mind“. I finalment de la Montse que “always seems to come up with crafty arguments whenever she is engaged to prepare or defend a life sciences patent as part of ZBM’s highly prized pharmaceuticals offering”.

Els rànquings complets estan disponibles aquí.