The Spanish Official State Gazette (BOE) of 20 September 2021 published the regulatory bases and a call for applications for the granting of aid under the ICEX LOCALIZA programme, which aims to help Spanish SMEs to set up and establish themselves in new markets outside the EU, through subsidiaries, branches or representative offices, without restriction regarding the sector of activity.

Among other requirements, they must have their own brand, and eligible expenses include those related to patent and trademark registration, web domain registration, brand defence and approvals in the target market.

The maximum amount of aid is 30,000 euros per beneficiary.

The deadline for submitting applications is 30 calendar days from the day following publication in the Official State Gazette, i.e. until 20 October 2021.

Please note that ZBM does not process these grant applications. However, for more information, you can consult the ICEX website.