On December 2nd the Ready4Growth 2022 Seminar, which is organised by the Official Medical College of Barcelona (CoMB) and Barcelona Activa was held in Barcelona. The seminar is organized in round tables and networking spaces, divided into five main topics with the intervention of experts in each field. Montserrat Jané headed one of the round tables related to intellectual property: patents, freedom to operate, and licenses.

In addition to bringing high-potential projects and entrepreneurs closer to investors through the help of specialist advisors, the Ready4Growth Seminar aimed to provide an overview of the key aspects of the entrepreneurial process in the health sector and addressed how to define and improve marketing strategies to successfully obtain funding. Representatives from innovative companies from biotech/pharma, medical devices, health services and information technologies applied to the medical field attended the session.

This is the third year that ZBM have imparted their expert knowledge at the Ready4Growth Seminar, we look forward to seeing you again next year!