On December 1st the Ready4Growth 2021 Seminar, which is organised by the Official Medical College of Barcelona (CoMB) and Barcelona Activa was held in Barcelona. The seminar was divided in round table discussion groups and networking spaces. ZBM’s Montserrat Jané  intervened at the discussion table related to intellectual property (IP), covering questions and providing expert intervention on topics such as such as the  necessity of protecting products for business, what is a freedom to operate study and when is it necessary to do it, or how to know the strength of a patent, to mention just a few.

The Ready4Growth Seminar is aimed at young innovative companies in the health sector that want to improve their funding capacity and consolidate their position. It is an initiative to give an overview of the key aspects of the entrepreneurial process in the health sector, in addition to bringing high potential projects and entrepreneurs closer to investors and specialized advisors, helping them to define their project and improve their strategy and business models to enable them to reach their market successfully.