On 29th May ZBM’s Laura Artigas held a lecture entitled My client has developed software! IP rights suitable for the protection of inventions and creations, including those based on AI, as part of the University of Barcelona’s Patent Centre’s ‘Patent Mondays programme’, organised jointly with Spanish Patent and Trademark Office and held in-person in Madrid.

Over 50 attendees were present to hear Laura elaborate on various options of IP protection such as trade secrets, patents and copyright, discussing the pros and cons of each option and giving explicit details and examples. The main purpose of this conference was to provide useful and practical information to those interested in IP protection for Computer Implemented Inventions (CII), inventions related to software in the USPTO and inventions that involve Artificial Intelligence (AI) and their patent protection.

Laura has a MSc in Telecommunications Engineering and is a Qualified European Patent Attorney with many years of experience in the IP field. She is also a European Patent Litigator at the UPC. Her work in ZBM includes drafting and defence during prosecution, as well as reports on patentability and the risk of infringement.