Hub APTA (Andes Pacific Technology Access) together with the Trade Association of Industrial Property Experts (AGPPI), invited ZBM to take part in a seminar concerning “How to meet the challenges of the new intellectual property law?”  which was held online on June 22nd. APTA is corporation that manages new science-based business opportunities, connecting research centres to global markets, promoting collaboration networks and links with the Chilean scientific community, with the aim of creating an innovation Hub in Latin America.

Bernabé Zea held a seminar session entitled ‘Protection Roadmap for Effective technology Transfer’ highlighting the path from initial discovery or development to the commercialisation of a product, showing the best protection strategy; patents, know-how or copyright. Throughout the presentation several examples of biomedicine such as biomarkers, drugs and medical devices were discussed. The latter products were used to illustrate how software inventions can be protected. Finally, there was a brief reflection on technology transfer.

Josep Comes talk was on thePractice of the European Patent Office in relation to Computer-implemented inventions (CIIs) and the practice of the European Office and the USA” where he outlined general concepts of computer-implemented inventions (CIIs) and went on to explore specific examples of European patents that generated very relevant case law from companies such as HITACHI, IBM and MICROSOFT. Josep also explained USPTO practice in relation to CIIs.

The attendees were mainly professionals in charge of innovation and transfer offices from different universities in Chile, researchers, academics, and other professionals working in IP.