In its V edition, the Cleantech Camp program, aimed at promoting companies to accelerate the energy transition in Europe, has selected the 15 projects that will follow the training program in which ZBM Patents collaborates.

The selected business ideas address solutions related to mobility, biogas and hydrogen, Smart Cities or, Smart Grids, energy efficiency, energy storage, Internet of Things or artificial intelligence and have their origin in Spain, Portugal, France and the United Kingdom. Once the program is completed, in the awards ceremony the winning projects of this year’s edition will be announced.

As for the training given by ZBM, Oscar Rubio, a mechanical engineer and European patent agent, explains in an interview, the idea is to provide information and advice to entrepreneurs on aspects such as the tools available to protect their ideas or the most suitable moment during the development of a project to file a patent since “a well-protected trademark or a well-claimed invention is generally a decisive instrument for the success of the project in the market.”

The full interview can be read here.