ZBM are pleased to share our fantastic news that we have appointed two new partners, Carlos Maíllo and Laura Artigas, taking up our total number of partners to 15. Both Laura and Carlos have over the last years with us proven themselves as invaluable and committed team members, bringing with them their in-depth knowledge in their fields and their distinctive patent career experiences from their respective journeys through the IP landscape to be with us today in ZBM.

Laura holds an MSC in Telecommunications Engineering, is a European Patent Attorney and European Patent Litigator at the UPC. Her practice focuses on Computer Implemented Inventions (CII) and software as well as Artificial Intelligence. In ZBM she does an exceptional job drafting and in defence during prosecution, as well as preparing reports on patentability and the risk of infringement. Laura has worked as an examiner’s assistant at the European Patent Office in the technical field of Audio Video Media and signal processing and also has extensive industry experience, giving her a keen insight and ability to grasp complex technical and legal concepts.

Carlos has a PhD in Biomedicine and an MSc in Biochemistry, he has worked as a researcher in molecular biology and biomedicine and specialised in genetics, metabolism and oncology and has published various prominent articles in his field. Carlos is a European Patent Attorney and European Patent Litigator at the UPC. His role in ZBM is in drafting strong patent applications and preparing infringement and patentability opinions.

The addition of our new partners is in line with our company’s policy to offer partnership to all employees who standout in their excellent skills and show a solid commitment to the company and our values. Laura and Carlos will be great assets for the ZBM team and our clients in their new roles, bringing with them not only their impressive in-depth knowledge but importantly their passion and dedication to furthering the importance of IP within an ever-changing global framework.

Well done Laura and Carlos, a great way for us all to bring in the New Year at ZBM!